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Inspirational Artistry Ministry

Here, it's simple. We care about Spiritual Wellness.
I.A.M. produces and supports inspirational Kingdom projects to
Share Love, so everyone can experience the depth & purity of God's love for us

Speak Truth - the ultimate truth - to a world that's saturated with deception; and
Inspire Hope to the lost and hopeless, that they may find purpose & peace.

We produce inspirational messages and special programs for
weddings, conferences, churches, retreats & much more.
Come and join us on this journey

Love. Truth. Hope.

Three Pillars. One Passion.


"Jamonica has has an awesome talent for inspiring others through her poetry, spoken word, singing, theatrical plays, and other creative works. She also mentors and encourages others to use there creative gifts. She did a unforgettable performance at my Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony."
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