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She lives the poetry she cannot write... 

Oscar Wilde

I am Jamonica F. Holmes,
CEO &  Creative Producer of

Inspirational  Artistry Ministry, LLC
and I  can't wait to create for you!

Here to help bring your vision to life.

At Inspirational Artistry Ministry, LLC we work hard to produce exciting, engaging, one-of-a-kind products & services for our audiences.  Every project is different; and no project is too small. From poetic expressions that intensify those special moments in our lives to national award-winning video productions that help communicate important messages, our aim is to uphold the IAM principles: to share love, speak truth and inspire hope. We're more than just entertainment. We are Lifelines. We are Memory Curators. We are Inspirational Artists. And we are waiting to serve you for your upcoming wedding, conference, women's ministry event, community event, funeral or memorial service, holiday event, and more!


Creative Productions

Inspirational Artistry Ministry, LLC supports and produces all kinds of creative things that help make beautiful memories and capture special moments. We like to say that we provide Entertainment with a Purpose. And we hope that with each encounter, a seed of inspiration is planted!

Three Pillars.

One Passion.

Love, Truth, Hope in Action.

How can we create for YOU?

Poetry Products

& Services

Creative Communications

Event Production

& Support


Trice Walker, JD, MSW

Principal Attorney

Family First Legal Divorce &

Family Law

Jamonica has has an awesome talent for inspiring others through her poetry, spoken word, singing, theatrical plays, and other creative works. She also mentors and encourages others to use there creative gifts. She did a unforgettable performance at my Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony. She is also an awesome Project Manager! She has a great eye for details and is skilled at developing thorough, well thought out plans. She knows how to galvanize those around her to get work done in a professional and efficient way. Jamonica has what can only be described as an anointed array of talents. 


Dinah Cook


Servant & CEO

Changing Your World Coaching International

Jamonica is truly gifted by God to create impactful poetry. I have had the pleasure of witnessing many women being blessed at the Kingdom Mindset Women International women's conferences, where Jamonica has been both a speaker and facilitator, sharing her gift of exhortation. The words spoken from God through  Jamonica have been instrumental in healing and transforming hearts, changing mindsets and igniting women in purpose. Jamonica's vision for Inspirational Artistry Ministry has been a personal blessing to me and a beautiful gift to the world. I am proud to call Jamonica my sister and I look forward to many more opportunities to serve along-side her.


Jarin Humphrey



Tower of Bougie

Jamonica has been my mentor for many years. She has been gifted with incredible creative talent which has set her apart, as it's allowed her to approach situations with a unique perspective. Her mentorship is unparalleled. She is a strong leader with a heart for people. She is very intentional with the words she chooses and with the things she does; any task with which she is entrusted, she takes very seriously. She is truly one of a kind. She leads with integrity, grace, and dignity.

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